Inspiring to reenergise, explore mind body connection
and press reset on those not-so-healthy old habits we all fall into, we think of our products as a hug in a tub, there in the moments that count.

  • The Green Drink

    Featuring an explosion of digestion-enhancing, mood-boosting, toxin-flushing ingredients, we believe that immunity drinks can taste as good as they make you feel. It’s a wellness staple, with a fruity flavour to match.

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  • The Pink Drink

    Turn back the clock on blemished skin. Organic, delicious, and packed with complexion-boosting ingredients, we’re putting our own stamp on natural detoxifying drinks for the skin.

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  • The Ultimate Topping

    Wellness isn’t just about powering up the immune system. Easing your anxieties, enhancing your focus, and boosting your energy levels, sprinkle this topping over your breakfast to start the day the best way we know – with a bang.

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